Live Inventory Management With Integrated supply Chain: PinMark provides live inventory reportsshowing: product, prices, and quantities by shelf. Waste reports and pick list c an also be generated instantly, detailing exactly what
items and what quantities are needed for restocking. As a turnkey solution, our stores come integrated with a supply chain;  restocking and and  replenishment is done automatically.

Close the door to finalize the purchase and enjoy.



Present NFC payment card or mobile phone to unlock the door.

• Our merchandising cabinets and refrigerators are equipped with Weight sensors and NFC identification allows for a secure, hassle free and convenient purchasing experience.
• The Fridge or shelf cabinet is unlocked with payment card or mobile phone capturing customer payment information before allowing access to products. This provides a layer security that eliminates theft.
• Customers can pick up, view, and return products to shelves before deciding what t o buy. Shelf Smart Shelves track the customer selections.
• Additionally multimedia feedback can be linked customer selections closing the door finalizes the purchase and the customer is charged f or exactly what they took. Smart shelves allow the sell a widevariety of both refrigerated and non-refrigerated items .


Open the door, take whatever
you wish.You can put back what you do not want to keep.

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We place payment stations in the st ores that accept credit, debit, mpesa, and c ash to reload NFC charge card. NFC Charge cards can also be topped-up online via a mobile app or web portal. Payment methods that use biometric

technologies like fingerprints and facial recognition are also available as an enhanced option

Advanced Analytics:
Our solution is the most data driven one in the market. It offers real time extensive reports, charts and visualizations including customizable comprehensive sales reports, product analysis, customer buying trends. Sales figures can be viewed by: Location, Custom time frame, Customer, Product, Vendor, Supplier, Payment type, and more.