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The shopping transaction is completed right at the shelf when product is picked and shelf or fridge door is closed No waiting lines and no cashiers.


Our merchandising technology is based on weight sensing shelves and NFC(Near Field Communication)  identification technology. 


Consumers walk up to merchandising shelves or refrigerator, wave their NFC (Near Field Communication) charge card or phone, and gain access to items in shelves.

We take on all the complexities associated with retailing in operations, supply chain , administration and management on behalf of our partners. We partner with Employers and landlords to place stores on their premises to serve tenants and employees. PinMark micro markets can be installed anywhere and custom designed to meet the needs of any space and or location.


Our solution is the most data driven one in the market. It offers real time extensive reports, charts and visualiz ations including comprehensive sales reports, product analysis, customer buying trends.

turnkey solutions

We partner with employers and landlords  to deploy ON PREMISE automated micro-markets.

Automated Retail Solutions

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